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Mobile Massage is for you, Jacksonville!!

Whether you are young or old, whether you work or whether you are a stay at home parent in Jacksonville, . . .  massage therapy is for YOU !! If you are a hard worker, or a person who enjoys their time away from work, MASSAGE IS FOR YOU !! Consider making the call for a massage today.

Reasons to not get a massage

1. Slipped disc

2. Rashes or some skin allergy may cause no touching to that area.  The goal is to NOT irritate the skin any further.

3.  Damage to bones or muscles that could cause a slip out of place.

4. FIRST trimester of a pregnancy

5. Clients with high-blood pressure and not on medication should avoid massage.

6. Cancer patients should be especially cautious. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system.

What do I do today?

1. Review your schedule. How soon do you need or want a massage?  Many times, you can receive a massage two hours after confirmation of an appointment.

2.  Send  your question via a text message to the phone number and await an answer. Many times I am serving a client and can follow up when I get a quick break. 

2. Text for an available date to schedule a massage. Please include what kind of massage you would like (Relaxation, deep tissue, reflexology and for how long?).

3.  The location matters. Spacing for a chair or table massage helps when stretching or providing pressure during the massage. Avoid noisy environments and interruptions from family, phone, etc.  Keep in mind that the goal is relaxation and rejuvenation!

4. If you have problems with technology, call and leave a message. I will be happy to return a phone call and discuss your needs.